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Terms of Service

BoolaMarket is a new e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers within the Yale community. Exclusivity of the Yale community is ensured through integration with Yale’s Central Authentication Services log-in system, requiring a Net ID and password for access. Through this platform, users maintain the ability to upload items from their mobile phones, browse listings based on personal preferences, indicate items they are searching for through “Wishlist,” negotiate item prices, and complete secure online transactions. BoolaMarket does not currently take a commission or profit directly off peer to peer sales, but reserves the right to in the future under proper notification to users.

Venmo is currently integrated with BoolaMarket. Buyers do not need a Venmo account to browse and purchase, however, sellers require a Venmo account to receive payments. Doing so prevents any additional and unnecessary transaction fees. It also enables us to provide refunds if either party is unhappy with a transaction.

Our Policies (Terms of Service)

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important, and so we want to clarify our current methods of information gathering and use of that information:

What Information we Gather

In order to register you as a buyer and seller on BoolaMarket, we collect:

How Your Information is Used

These items are necessary to link Venmo to your account, as well as facilitate the email notification system. These items are never used for any other purposes and are not shared with outside parties.

Our Commitment to Security

We have established a secure network to prevent unauthorized access and maintain complete privacy of personal information and actions.

How to Access and Correct your Information

Your information can be viewed and adjusted by navigating to the “My Information” box under your personal account.

How to Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. We will get back to you shortly and cooperatively work with you to address any issues.

Pricing Policy

Pricing of items is negotiated between buyers and sellers on BoolaMarket. Sellers can indicate preferred prices, but potential buyers can make customized offers on items. Sellers can then either reject, accept, or make a counteroffer on proposed prices. Once a seller has agreed to a price, they can confirm their agreement. Once a buyer has also confirmed their acceptance of a price and submitted their credit or debit card information, a transaction will be initiated.

From that point, buyer and seller can determine by email when is convenient to connect and transfer the item. 24 hours or more after the transaction is initiated, buyers can indicate on BoolaMarket whether or not they are satisfied with the item they have received. If satisfaction is indicated, payment will be released to sellers’ Venmo accounts within 24 hours. If satisfaction is not indicated, buyers will be prompted to contact [email protected] with any concerns.

Refund Policy

If buyers are unsatisfied with the items they have received, they can indicate their dissatisfaction on BoolaMarket 24 or more hours after a transaction has been initiated. At that point, buyers will have the opportunity to receive a full refund for the item, in addition to comprehensive support from the BoolaMarket team if there are further concerns.

Our terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice, at our sole discretion.